In the INVIVA Exhibition for the Generation 50+ – Nuremberg

Nuremberg, at the centre of the Bavaria region in south Germany, is well connected to France, Switzerland, Austria and the Czech Republic, which are all very close. The city specializes in hosting conferences and trade shows year round, attended by many professionals from Central Europe.

We have had a few very productive days here, introducing our project to both clients and potential partners.

One of the most interesting contacts we had was with AKTIVSENIOREN BAYERN e.V, a non-profit association active in all of Bavaria’s administrative districts.

The association’s more then 350 members were businessmen, self-employed and leaders in the business community, technology field and various institutions. They offer advise to small and medium sized businesses and also to non commercial organizations who seek their help in solving their problems. They are committed to the creation of opportunities in the business and social sectors. Aktivsenioren (Active Senior Citizens) do not pursue any interests, they are volunteers and work without pay. They are objective and independent.

We had two meetings; on the 16th with Albert Schneider, master’s degree in business and technology and on the 17th with Siegbert Rudolph, master’s degree in business management and Heinz Steinbock business assistant.

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