The architect Don César Ruiz-Larrea invited to participate in the design competition

Don Cesar Ruiz Larrea, of Ruiz-Larrea & Associates architecture studio visited the CerroBlanco quarry and is enthusiastic about participating in the design competition we are preparing in order to find the best planning solution for this space.

César Ruiz-Larrea (Madrid 1950) is a qualified architect with a degree from the Madrid School (1975) and further studies in I.A.U.S. (New York) between 1976 and 1977.
In 1978 he established the 3AC Architecture studio with Carlos Rubio and Enrique Álvarez-Sala. In 1998 he founds Ruiz-Larrea & Associates. Professor of projects in the ETSAM (1980-2005) and now a professor in the CEU, CES and the SEK. Postgraduate studies and projects in Italy, Latin America and in the principle Spanish schools. Founder and vice-president of ASA.
Coming from a family of engineers, César Ruíz-Larrea, has a decisive technical background. He strongly believes in words as instrumental for ideas, they help him reflect over the project, defend it and consolidate it. During his formative years, Spain experienced a mayor political change in which the university played an important role. Despite being aware of this social reality, he did not neglect his studies. His tireless energy prevented him from succumbing to boredom and drove him to compliment his training in the architecture studios while the university remained closed.
The project for César Ruíz-Larrea is an instrument of knowledge through a determinate position in the intellectual, emotional, personal and inter-relational world. This is why he always looks for a question to which a best answer must then be found. This question enables the architect to engage in a dialectical game resulting in new insights. To satisfy his inquisitive spirit, César Ruíz-Larrea likes to observe nature and local architecture, normally evolving in parallel to the vegetation. Ever seeking to extend his horizons he had often worked as part of a team, always careful to collaborate with those sharing basic standards to avoid personality issues imposing themselves.
His eclectic trajectory, a result of design competitions he won, which are 90% of his work, transforms reality by prioritizing solution to social problems and maintaining good architectural standards. Since 1995, César Ruíz-Larrea started experimenting with solutions that go beyond energetic patching, attempting to provide more than just mediocre answers to environmental problems. In each project he tries to organise all factors in a way that will point to the solution, looking at it from a technical perspective rather than an aesthetic one. Perhaps this is why César Ruíz-Larrea is so critical of externally appealing architecture that neglects the need to satisfy basic living conditions
.Cesar Ruiz Larrea

Hemiciclo Solar_RLARLA

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