The CerroBlanco retirement home is an exclusive novel product, offering options of individual or central housing in the setting of a natural park.

The one complex includes five different services: central housing, independent units, day centre, kindergaten and farm school.

The complex will create 120 direct job opportunities for qualified personal and will economically benefit the local business community.

A market will be created to produce from the organic gardens of the area by increased local demand and through the Aires Montanos trademark.

This trademark will offer the smaller producers of Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche natural park an opportunity to increase their market share.

The architectural design carried out by prestigious professionals, will be of the highest quality. Sustainability and environmental integration are the guidelines to this project.

A unique opportunity is offered here to invest, participate and contribute ideas to a grand scale project in its initial phase and yet with great future expectations.

The senior market grows faster than most. As a source of income it is guaranteed.

Returns on sales, equity and investment will be high right from the start.