1. Fuenteheridos, the village centre has been declared “historic and artistic monument” for its architectonic value. Other highlights are the parochial church of neoclassical style with its tower dated from the 17th century.


CerroBlanco, the assisted living project located very close to this historic monument, will blend with others already established here such as the botanic garden of Villa Onuba, the Villa Turística or the Catering school which is under construction..


Natural Park Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche, forms part of the biosphere reserve and is a protected area within the European Charter for Sustainable tourism. The park is extensively covered with woodland thanks to high precipitation, enjoys a pleasant climate and has many natural and heritage attractions to awaken visitor’s interest.


CerroBlanco, a spectacular enclave of old white marble quarries, where an activity designed for senior citizens is now planned. The project fits within the sectors of tourism, leisure and healthcare in nature.


The Múrtigas river goes from the Doce Caños Fountain at the centre of Fuenteheridos (Huelva) and makes its 80,884 km way through The Natural Park Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche in Spain to end in Portugal.


Plan of elevation in CerroBlanco, drawn to scale to test the true dimension of all elements. This is a very handy tool when coming to understand the architectonic plan with its different heights and levels.


The Peña of Arias Montano. The place elected by Benito Arias Montano as his hermitage and retreat, after all his travels and work for King Philip II of Spain. Cerro Blanco becomes a disciple of this great humanist and makes him its model. He travelled all over Europe to return experienced and knowledgeable. Here he studied, meditated and wrote. “The Peña is like his land, his spiritual home. This was the parting point and also the place he came back to. In between, a whole process, an internal transformation…a spiritual pilgrimage that starts and ends in the same place”.


This space will see the establishment of the CerroBlanco complex. Aimed at senior citizens and situated within the tourism, leisure and healthy lifestyle sectors. It will include buildings of general use (sports, healthcare, education, cultural, social and other facilities).


The diversity of landscapes from wooded hills, Mediterranean meadows and gardens, a widespread water system is extended through streams and fountains. One of the best examples is the Doce Caños fountain in the centre of Fuenteheridos.


Plot 130 of estate number 11 in Fuenteheridos, property of the Cerro Blanco Colony, S. L. Two quarry fronts form part of it: Manantial (spring) where water coming from the Puerto de los Ángelesaquifer will be the main element and Altapared (high wall) located at the highest spot where the Amphitheatre will be built.


South view from the Fuenteheridos lookout.


Three buildings will be constructed on plot 181, of the municipal property. They will have a collective character and will become the kindergarten, day centre and farm school.


On plot 43, property of Cerro Blanco Colony Society, will include most of the residential buildings both central and independent.